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(SHA256: 5c0def1903390e549dce99226389292c66b3818ab33d597704e562637fbd73b7)

wolfSSL FIPS Ready is our FIPS specific cryptography code base which you can enable and build into your application. This FIPS-READY version includes all of the code you need to be ready to move forward with the FIPS validation process. wolfSSL FIPS Ready supports a validated entropy source, all of the TLS 1.3 algorithms, and support for hardware encryption. Get ready for FIPS by using this download!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 10/30/2023


(SHA256: 3700dd2006f7833d926be9d786f28f22db195b09b8de8c4f3e6c5201f0843475)

wolfSSL 5.6.4 fixes bugs and adds new features such as DTLS 1.3 post quantum, LMS/HSS, Ada bindings, AES-EAX.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 10/30/2023


(SHA256: 21decf274eb96110b20fc2804368ce1006db08ce960a0f51654f1f6653ff8bcd)

wolfTPM 3.0.0 adds fixes and new features such as additional STM32 support, MMIO (memory mapped IO) support, and CMake build improvements.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 10/30/2023


(SHA256: c75412198d277527025986492f0d1f865c8ab9e2ea75882feadf71fce84e1eb1)

wolfMQTT 1.17.1 includes bug fixes and new features including userio_template.h improvements, multithread locking improvements, socket close on error fixes, fixes for non-blocking with larger payloads, MQTT-SN CI tests, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 11/29/2023


(SHA256: 99b31c34b5af303b301fa62e89e335bcb8b2b06bedbbbf0f7e18debf6c598f28)

wolfSSH 1.4.14 includes bug fixes and new features including user authentication support for RSA signing with SHA2-245 and SHA2-512 (RFC 8332), support for FATFS on Xilinx targets, ecc_p256-kyber_level1 interop with OQS OpenSSH, internal refactor of client apps, stack usage improvements, increase SFTP performance with throughput, and more!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 07/07/2023


(SHA256: 07158fbadd7e08a77880ba018c2f7b4870c66a3015f710c2019381ad7fb0b86c)

wolfBoot 2.0.0 includes bug fixes and new features including post quantum support for LMS/HSS and XMSS/XMSS^MT, PKCS#11 engine support in TrustZone-M secure mode, new TPM features, x86_64 support using Intel FSP, Intel Tiger Lake support, STM32C0 support, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 11/07/2023


(SHA256: 3104d45543d42ef96a149632c1c272db7403346d77883f4366f65d82a4d11d57)

wolfSentry 1.6.1 includes bug fixes and new features including dynamic rules with nonzero connection counts now subject to deferred expiration and deletion, new max-purgeable-idle-time JSON config option, new FILT_CLOSE_WAIT event type for lwIP integration, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 11/18/2023


(SHA256: 57c88ad00143a88afdadb0ec60dc84c66cf4bbb17fe138d8f9f416e9988f4e2a)

curl 8.4.0 includes bug fixes and new features. See the ChangeLog/CHANGES document for full details.
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 10/11/2023


(SHA256: 65e7f32230f1e43339f80af66949463d3639063577f141fbf303eb4b4541f39e)

The goal of tiny-curl is to offer HTTPS GET powers within 100K of storage size (on a 32 bit system), and that includes wolfSSL.
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 10/30/2023


(SHA256: d815abcc53b5c9309622db54c4a37572dc80377bf716d8c1c5e54f762fcfdf88)

wolfSSL JNI/JSSE 1.12.0 includes bug fixes and new features including additional synchronization support in WolfSSLCertificate, fix for native memory free in WolfSSLCertificate, fix X509KeyManager.getCertificateChain() when alias is null, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 03/31/2023


(SHA256: 1bc30a719b200db787c2fffe3bd94353d90e9cfe67ce142a086caead0a8abb8a)

wolfCrypt JNI/JCE 1.5.0 adds build compatibility with Java 7, adds support for "SHA" algorithm string, adds rpm package support, adds JCE MessageDigest.clone() support, improves error checking of native wolfCrypt MD5 API calls, and includes additional unit tests.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 11/14/2022


(SHA256: 346e670cf07af661a37ab717c9dd72bb9be85f1a8ae844b665f655a759295496)

wolfSSL-py 5.5.4 updates wolfSSL support to 5.5.4.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 12/30/2022


(SHA256: e9b9d0c0f0c300e6a6269215306bc041af7287f2415925a9963da554869f39d1)

wolfCrypt-py 5.5.4 updates wolfSSL support to 5.5.4.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 12/30/2022


(SHA256: 05933eb4bea4103dc42dd773cfe9cb8507e4f323caf2d6c331d9ad9aa385b16a)

wolfEngine 1.4.0 adds internal calls to unlock private key use (needed for FIPS 140-3 compatibility), and allows users to override weak entropy source.
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 11/02/2023


(SHA256: 19f2d9669366f0d323a876d5b327c2131324432a72ee8a76209ba502f51e810e)

wolfCLU 0.1.4 includes x509 command additions, additional subject alternate name attribute support and minor fixes.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 11/21/2023

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