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(SHA256: b65a09d91e80dc65c034be9e0ea4beb2aa6eefd1569b7db62c3de3dd613c40a2)

wolfSSL-FIPS-READY is our FIPS specific cryptography code base which you can enable and build into your application. This FIPS-READY version includes all of the code you need to be ready to move forward with the FIPS validation process. wolfSSL-FIPS-READY supports a validated entropy source, all of the TLS 1.3 algorithms, and support for hardware encryption. Get ready for FIPS by using this download!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 08/30/2022


(SHA256: 5f443b1a05bc7d7fd62f74b12b1004891c73dca0141dbcef79b14ee3b29216a4)

wolfSSL 5.5.1 includes a vulnerability fix, bug fixes, and new features including support for non-blocking ECC support, port to NXP RT685 with FreeRTOS, build option for post quantum Kyber API, addition of post quantum SPHINCS to wolfCrypt, DTLS 1.3 enhancements, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 09/28/2022


(SHA256: 447d70e634047a373cf319ff2481ac7cea730a64e0c641bf03c258912f951916)

Release 5.3.1 of wolfSSL is a BETA release to test DTLS 1.3. DTLS v1.3 (RFC 9147) is now supported! WARNING: This is for BETA testing only, not ready for production.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 06/20/2022


(SHA256: 196a3256a9044ecb89504ce77850342c82e676e7f2cad77f5584be3516b6060e)

This release includes one vulnerability fix, bug fixes, fixes to TLS 1.3 including support for Draft 21, disables TLS 1.0 by default, new options for memory reduction, Intel AVX1/AVX2 performance improvements, SHA-3 size and performance improvements, assembly optimizations for Curve25519 and Ed25519, expanded OpenSSL compatibility layer, updated project files for Visual Studio, TI-RTOS, STM32 CubeMX, IAR EWARM, Apple Xcode, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 12/21/2017


(SHA256: 3f86b25ea8d153e384abc7ed65c63268f164c3ccb678edf4f4145b6b9b3b9c5a)

wolfTPM 2.6.0 includes fixes for the CSharp wrapper when setting a custom OID for CSR, adds CSharp documentation, adds CSharp functionality to set key password for blob, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 09/01/2022


(SHA256: 2126ce68d5da2596c446032c6f2bc260ddee928a692aa009bbe5f16f432ba08c)

wolfMQTT 1.14.1 fixes cmake builds, Vcpkg on Windows, and more.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 08/31/2022


(SHA256: 6f455dc5271d63cc40e0a722b335ff70d4bd18468a41b55fe4a6580e6acb36d2)

wolfSSH 1.4.10 includes bug fixes, small stack optimizations, updated Visual Studio support, expanded SFTP example, and more!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 05/13/2022


(SHA256: 1e439832a8d060b2567a0a950e1cc8c7d86c3338c3abf2a37f8b5dbb6e14d276)

wolfBoot 1.12 includes support for encrypted delta updates, RSA 3072-bit signature verification support, Partition ID support, a new format to store multiple public keys using a keystore, fixes to keytools and IDE support, new test cases, and HAL support for simulated targets.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 07/26/2022


(SHA256: 0f5c190b7953614f7553f2725aade19d37be72b46cd87a74bab7a996fa8e1364)

wolfSentry 0.6.0 has bug fixes and new features including core support for automatic penalty boxing with configurable threshold when derogatory count reaches threshold, new APIs for manipulating route derogatory/commendable counts, new JSON config nodes, automatic purging of expired routes, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 09/30/2022


(SHA256: b00d84ffe1219f3b013629840b09dae2df5b7e24fb7447b9b74fad280024c73b)

curl 7.84.0 fixes bugs, adds --rate, deprecates --random-file and --egd-file, adds CURL_VERSION_THREADSAFE, supports unix sockets for socks proxy, and more!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 06/27/2022


(SHA256: 12a076025a65a18251ba2ab6e9136c496d8582c7f0846178e9311f98f6167949)

tiny-curl version 7.72.0 includes bug fixes and new features including Micrium uC/OS-III support and FreeRTOS support!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 08/19/2020


(SHA256: 885e0b55baf8438c73697f39a72eca66a7e153c477cf6254ed97bdd6b88c9975)

wolfSSL JNI/JSSE 1.10.0 adds SSLEngine.getApplicationProtocol(), fixes Undertow server compatibility, fixes builds with wolfSSL filesystem disabled, fixes SSLEngine behavior with large data sizes, improves SSLEngine handshake status, adds SSLEngine verbose logging, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 08/11/2022


(SHA256: 5bfb349352488ff02b9a160cce03c2948a630941a1e4df1de432671748574831)

wolfCrypt JNI/JCE 1.4.0 adds ProviderTest example, fixes double free of ChaCha pointer, adds ChaCha.java test cases, improves FIPS 140-3 compatibility, and more!
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 08/11/2022


(SHA256: 388222226ed3294322b3ed96c22bc1ea3418bf0719b13321778ae0f580b11b2e)

wolfSSL Python 5.4.0 updates support to the wolfSSL 5.4.0 C library, adds GitHub Actions support, and removes Travis CI support.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 07/13/2022


(SHA256: 0f01d4998cdb97bca70308147208241fd2036286eb407c1a5a11ba799505f217)

wolfCrypt Python 5.4.0 updates support to the wolfSSL 5.4.0 C library, adds GitHub Actions support, removes Travis CI, includes fixes for PyPi, and includes CMake cleanups.
License: GPLV2
Release Date: 07/13/2022


(SHA256: 486dafb16ad3f5e29d402a143c77d37ed5718f3cf6b6ccc2177c3f16f69989fe)

wolfEngine 1.2.0 includes bug fixes and new features including RNG now mixes in some additional entropy, compatibility with FIPS 140-3 candidate code for multi-threaded Windows applications, RSA support for 'rsa_keygen_pubexp' and 'verify_recover', Visual Studio solution improvements, and more!
License: GPLV3
Release Date: 09/29/2022

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