Through use in games, databases, sensors, VoIP application, and more there is over 1 Billion copies of wolfSSL products in production environments today – a ecosystem that is very dynamic and ever increasing.

Below you will find some of the areas that wolfSSL products are being used. As a matter of policy, wolfSSL does not disclose user company or project names unless those companies have publicly unveiled their use of our products.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication

M2M modules are used in a wide array of products ranging from vending machines to electric meters to global tracking systems. As such, the ability to perform secure HTTPS connections from the module is paramount. The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is actively being used to secure M2M communications across the globe.  Learn more about wolfSSL’s usage in M2M solutions by reading our case study, below.

Cinterion Case Study Paper

wolfSSL enables Cinterion to easily secure cellular Machine-to-Machine communication
Cinterion / wolfSSL
June 13, 2012

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CCww Case Study Paper

Securing GSM / GPRS Modem Modules with wolfSSL
CCww / wolfSSL
July 27, 2012

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Internet of Things (IoT)

As devices, appliances, and modules are rapidly being connected to the Internet as part of the Internet of Things, or “Embedded Internet”, wolfSSL and wolfCrypt are used to secure several areas of this evolving landscape.

Sensity Case Study Paper

wolfSSL enables Sensity Systems to secure Light Sensory Networks (LSNs)
Sensity Systems / wolfSSL
August 21, 2014

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Insteon Case Study Paper

wolfSSL Encrypts INSTEON Hub for the Connected Home
November 10, 2014

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Twist Think Case Study Paper

wolfSSL Provides Encryption for TwistM2M Platform
TwistM2M / wolfSSL
March 19, 2015

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EiMSIG Case Study Paper

wolfSSL Secures EiMSIG® Smart Home Alarm System
EiMSIG / wolfSSL
September 19, 2015

Home Energy Monitoring

wolfSSL and wolfCrypt are being used to develop home energy monitors being used in the cloud. wolfSSL is used to secure the connection between the device which resides at an individual’s home and the cloud used to store and process data. This allows individuals and companies to actively monitor their energy usage, take a more forward view on energy conservation, and gain control over something that was previously viewed only by power companies.

Electronic Games

wolfSSL has become a go-to solution for game developers wanting to secure online in-game communications. There are several companies actively using wolfSSL to secure the games that you play every day! wolfSSL’s support for stream ciphers, its portable nature, and its easy license model have made it perfect for gaming.


Database communication can be vulnerable if left unsecured, and the risk of data exposure is increasing with the growth in available data. For this reason, many individuals and companies use SSL and TLS to provide a secure communication link between database clients and servers. Having been built into some of the world’s largest database software, wolfSSL products are widely used throughout the world to secure database communication. Visit our Media Page to read our presentation on securing MySQL with SSL.


Although they may be small and extremely resource-constrained, the advent and proliferation of network-connected sensors has brought about a concern for communication security. wolfSSL has met that need by creating wolfSSL to be extremely small in size while maintaining fast speeds and a full feature set.


Voice over IP devices and networks are a natural consumer of SSL and TLS technology. Although the two fit together very well, the use of VoIP brings with it many challenges to an SSL library – including the need for high reliability and robustness under extremely heavy traffic loads. With a strong support team and a solid design, wolfSSL has met this challenge, and is currently being used to secure some of the most widely-used VoIP applications on the market.


wolfSSL has been integrated with and is being used to help secure several popular routers and router firmware packages.  The portability of wolfSSL allows it to be easily and quickly ported to new operating environments – in either the embedded or enterprise world.

SSL Inspection

Do you have a need to analyze or monitor SSL/TLS traffic?  It turns out that there are quite a number of people who need this functionality for one reason or another, including analyzing network problems, detecting network misuse by internal or external users, monitoring network usage and data in motion, and debugging client/server communication.  wolfSSL offers SSL Inspection (or “sniffer”) capabilities which are very easy to use.  For more information on wolfSSL’s SSL Inspection feature, please see Chapter 4 of the wolfSSL Manual.