Below you will find the wolfCrypt JNI and JCE Provider ChangeLog documenting the changes that took place with each release since the project’s beginning in 2017.

wolfCrypt JNI Release 1.0.0


Release 1.0.0 of wolfCrypt JNI has bug fixes and new features including:

  • Bug fixes to JCE classes: Cipher, KeyAgreement (DH), Signature
  • JCE debug logging with wolfjce.debug system property
  • Additional unit tests for JCE provider
  • Conditional ant build for JNI and/or JCE
  • New ant targets with choice of debug or release builds

wolfCrypt JNI 0.3 BETA

Release 0.3 BETA of wolfCrypt JNI includes:

  • Support for ECC and DH key generation
  • Bug fixes regarding key import/export
  • Better argument sanitization at JNI level

wolfCrypt JNI 0.2 BETA

Release 0.2 BETA of wolfCrypt JNI includes:

  • Support for Android
  • Support for Oracle JDK/JVM
  • Support for code signing wolfcrypt-jni.jar file
  • Compatibility with non-FIPS wolfSSL and wolfCrypt builds
  • Bug fixes regarding releasing native resources
  • Test package changed to (com.wolfssl.provider.jce.test)

wolfCrypt JNI 0.1 BETA

Release 0.1 BETA of wolfCrypt JNI includes:

  • Initial JCE package
  • Support for OpenJDK